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Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills (Online training)

This course is accredited by the Skills & Education Group, a government approved counselling training awarding body.

Entry Requirements
We accept applications from candidates who have previously successfully completed our counselling training course at Level 2 or our Initial Steps in Counselling Training course. Regardless of their background all of our students are expected to have completed our introductory course prior to applying for this course, as it provides an excellent grounding in the application of counselling skills along with an introduction to theory, professional ethics and personal development. We also accept applications from students who have completed an equivalent training elsewhere.

This course is primarily for candidates who have sufficient experience in a current or recent workplace setting such as health & social care, nursing, teaching, special needs, social work, youth work, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, victim support, bereavement support, mentoring, etc. 

By the description of 'counselling skills' we mean the regular use of 'active listening' skills such as paraphrasing, reflecting and mirroring, use of appropriate silences, challenging, open questioning, immediacy, focussing and summarising.

All of these 'communication skills' are becoming increasingly important in the way that professionals dialogue with patients, clients and service users in their respective fields of work.

This course enables the trainee to develop from a basic understanding and working experience of these essential attributes to achieve an emerging ability towards empathic attunement through the use of skills practice sessions in role-play and video recorded micro sessions.

Our Teaching Style

All of our online courses are taught in a live interactive manner and all participants are encouraged to value the contributions of others when discussing issues relating to counselling. 

Next Course Date

Further information will be posted here shortly.

Key Aims of the course programme

Understanding the context for the use of counselling skills

This unit is intended to deepen the learners' understanding of the significant differences between a person who uses counselling skills in another occupation and a fully trained and qualified counsellor. Learners will explore key legal and ethical issues based on an ethical framework for counselling and psychotherapy in a multi-cultural and diverse society. The need for and the importance of casework supervision will be highlighted.

Understanding counselling theory

In this unit, learners will study one major therapeutic model of counselling in depth to empower the learner to reflect constructively on its value and use when working with people. They will also reflect on two other therapeutic models of counselling to raise awareness of other models.

Using counselling skills

Through practice, learners will explore a range of skills used within the counselling profession. Additionally, they will understand that sessions in which counselling skills are used are professionally managed activities with a start, middle and end. Cultural differences are recognised, acknowledged and worked with.

Personal development for users of counselling skills

In this unit, learners reflect on how the study of counselling theory, the use of counselling skills and feedback received can inform personal development and growth, in particular their understanding of self

Course Fees

Initial deposit payable on application £157.60
Balance payable £1200 (See payment instalment options below)

Payment Options

Option 1:
Eight further monthly payments of £150.00 to be completed by the course end date.
Other flexible monthly payment options available.

Option 2:
Balance of £1200 paid prior to the start date of the course.

Option 3:
If your employer/sponsor is paying your fees please contact us for further information.

What do you need to access these live online sessions?
Our classes are held LIVE online with your training group peers and tutors.
From your own home or remote location, you will experience a dynamic way of learning by the following: -

  • Live interacting with all members of your training group and your tutor(s
  • Access breakout rooms for small group discussions and preparations for full group work
  • Have 1-1 tutorials live with your tutor in course time
  • See tutor presentations and notes put up on your screen
  • Practice counselling skills in triads and record these sessions for self reflection and development
  • Share your own presentations and work with others
  • Send in your assignment via email links
  • Share your experience with your peers in realtime
You will need a modern laptop or desktop computer with a built in video camera and microphone. A good broadband connection. a private, uninterrupted space in your home or suitable location. You will need to download the free Zoom software package. If needed we offer a short training session to get you up to speed with how to use the software package Zoom so you can feel equipped to get on with your course and realtime learning with your group.


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